Learning life-long wisdom takes time

Before getting into learning life-long wisdom, understanding it will take time helps increase enjoyment and efficacy.


As a new idea in my mind, this is by no means a solid source. I'm happy to hear your thoughts and learn better.

This idea came from "How to read self-help", by Tom Cleveland. Here is the gist:

But this is a hallmark of wisdom: it’s trivial to read but nearly impossible to put into practice. We feel divinely inspired while reading Minimalism, but when it’s time to actually cull our wardrobes, it turns out we have good reasons for keeping everything! For wisdom, the devil is in the details, and the details are exactly what nobody else can help you with.

Some of my notes on this:

  • Wisdom sells because it's promising, but it's easier to prove the value of knowledge.
    • This can inform your approach as a content producer.
  • Knowing that wisdom is generalistic and hard to get, you can ease your acquisition of it by restricting the domains you're trying to apply it on.
    • Don't go straight to "how to live a balanced life", restrict your perspective to "how to keep good physical energy level" and it'll bubble up from there.
  • No magical book club, promising course or best-seller book will be a panacea.
    • Understanding that early on will push you to be kind to yourself and make the most out of the content.