Web Sustainability resources for developers and designers

Learn how to make a greener web through more conscious design and code with these 58 resources

Tom Greenwood on Building Sustainable WordPress Sites and Businesses - PublishPress

The Climate and Cloudflare

Sustainable web framework design

Green Web Foundation

How better performing websites can help save the planet

Green web builders list on Twitter

Curiously Green

How to create greener digital products and services

What is the impact of Dark Mode on battery drain?

Calculating the pollution cost of website analytics

Investigating the Correlation between Performance Scores and Energy Consumption of Mobile Web Apps

World Wide Waste

Thinking About Power Usage and Websites

Internet of Waste: How Europe can make the internet green

Microsoft threw a datacenter into the ocean and it worked out splendidly

Tools and techniques to reduce the impact of the tech you are responsible for - Hannah Smith

An Interview With Hannah Smith about the Environmental Impact of WordPress

Our third decade of climate action: Realizing a carbon-free future

What Does It Mean to Be a ‘Green Developer’?

Connected ep. 5 - Clouds

How to stop data centres from gobbling up the world’s electricity

Sustainability in Software Engineering

How AI Is Helping Solve Climate Change

A New Digital Vision

The sustainable.dev

Principles of Sustainable Software Engineering

Reducing the carbon footprint of artificial intelligence

ClimateDesigners.org - Creative professionals taking climate action

Climatebase - climate change careers

"Carbonalyser": the browser extension which reveals the climate impact of internet navigation - The Shift Project

Training a single AI model can emit as much carbon as five cars in their lifetimes

How ‘Sustainable’ Web Design Can Help Fight Climate Change

Video - an Environmental Monster?

Climate Strike Software


How using a CDN is better for people and the planet

Eight ways to reduce your digital carbon footprint

Rob Bartlett Design (low-emission website)


#ClickClean by Greenpeace

‘Think Before You Thank’: If every Brit sent one less thank you email a day, we would save 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year - the same as 81,152 flights to Madrid

The Internet's Invisible Carbon Footprint

Designing for Sustainability

How Might a ‘Green New Deal’ Impact the Internet?

Cut Back on Email If You Want to Fight Global Warming

Take the Green pill and I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes

Can the public sector make the Internet sustainable?

CO2 emissions on the web

Ecograder - website sustainability audit

Why and how does Future Planet count carbon?

Building with Friction

How Sustainable is a Solar Powered Website?

Website Carbon Calculator

Gatsby Starter Low Tech

17 ways to make your website more energy efficient

Delivering WordPress in 7KB

How Improving Website Performance Can Help Save The Planet

How a Web Request Works, Down to the Atom